Your Stories Are Important To Us

Her Heart is determined to continue to share stories of women of all backgrounds.

These stories provide relatable accounts that can help other women understand how a heart issue could affect them in their lives. No woman will experience the exact same event as another, however, it is important to know the ‘red flags’ to look out for, as well as the lifestyle and wellbeing factors that can be changed to reduce risk in the future.

Recently, Her Heart spent some time interviewing and documenting the stories of women surviving Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). These women shared their personal recounts of experiencing atypical symptoms, and reflecting on how life has changed since their event.

Veronica, Helena and Paula (pictured above) were incredibly generous with their time. To find out more of their journey with heart disease, head to the Her Heart Facebook or YouTube page.

Watch some of our real stories

Helena’s Story of SCAD

David’s Story of losing a sister to heart disease

Kate’s Story of SVT during pregnancy

Veronica’s Story of SCAD

Paula’s Story of SCAD

Beth’s Story of Congenital Heart Disease