Her Heart Day 2019

Her Heart Day 2019

(by Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter)

Last week we celebrated Her Heart Day, a day to show love to others, our self and our heart. This month we encouraged women to make time to think about their heart health. Sadly, heart disease continues to be the biggest killer of women worldwide and alarmingly, 90% of Australian women live with one risk factor, many with more.

It’s time to take action!

Recently, my mother experienced a cardiac event which saw her hospitalised for a number of days. It’s always difficult when its someone close to you, but like many other women my mother had not had any chest pain (only a tightening in her throat) in addition to a “racing heart” and she been feeling short of breath for months. I will write more on this in my next Blog, but suffice to say, every woman should start the year with an annual check.

To make it things easy, we have a FREE downloadable Heart Health Checklist that you can take to your GP. It will help you start a conversation about your heart health and possibly ways to reduce your risk of heart disease, or how you can make some positive lifestyle changes.

Our goal at Her Heart is to reduce the number of women dying from heart disease by 50% by 2025. While this might seem ambitious to some, it is definitely achievable if we get the commitment from every woman to put their heart health first, which starts with an annual heart health check.

We are focused on risk prevention and support and look to provide you with resources that are evidence-based, easy to understand and accessible via the Her Heart website and social channels. We also have some exciting things happening in 2019 to assist you with this!

Finally, on Valentine’s Day, like every day, can I ask that you to make a commitment to put your heart health first – so that you get to live a long and healthy life but can you also share this with those you love and care for. It literally might save a life!

Warmest wishes,


Thank you to Rialto Towers Melbourne and Hub Australia for supporting our Valentine’s Campaign this year.

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