Her Heart women

Heart disease touches over 3.5 billion women around the world and 12.4 million females in Australia. We are all individual women with different life experiences, struggles, and joys. We are diverse, with mixed levels of passion, ambition, education, lifestyle and opportunities and yet we all want love, happiness and good health.

We get your life

We recognise that women have different needs, and wants, at different stages in their life which affects their life choices and their health. As women, we are often putting others ahead of ourselves and as a result, our health can suffer.

We understand that your focus on your health changes as you progress through each stage in life however, we hope to educate and support you to focus on your heart health. Heart disease is the biggest killer of women and it kills one woman every hour. 80% of premature heart disease is preventable so prevention is the key to protecting your heart and health.


We understand your life’s journey

Young women begin their life journey to focus on experiencing life’s pleasures and give little time to their heart health. During this stage, women are experiencing life.

As women progress through life, we discover the endless possibilities of life choices and our focus is finding our path and living a lifestyle we want. Ultimately during this stage, we are designing life.

Then life gets hectic; relationships grow, families emerge, careers build and the focus on us lessens. We are often busy and can get tired and worn down. We are now focussing on balancing life.

Once we hit midlife many things change and even though we are still juggling, building or changing careers or needing to focus on elderly parents and growing families we begin to consolidate what we know, value and love. We start to recognise we need to focus on us. We begin managing life.

We are now the wise ones; life has given us many lessons and a wealth of knowledge to share and pay forward to the people we love. But we also have more time to focus on ourselves. We begin sharing life.

Recognising the stage you are at in life is a reminder to take action to reduce your risk of heart disease and enjoy the people and the things you love for many years to come.

Her Heart men

The men in our lives play an important role and we want both genders to help, support and encourage each other to stay healthy. However, heart disease affects men and women differently. Learn the signs and symptoms of heart disease and educate the men in your life to recognise these and possibly save a life.