Dr. Aziz Rahman

Dr Aziz Rahman

Dr. Aziz Rahman is a Medical Doctor and Public Health Specialist, who has extensive experience of working in the areas of public health research, teaching and implementation of public health programs both in Australian and international settings. His research track record includes work on behavioural risk factors for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, tobacco control, health promotion, health system research and gender based research. He has published several papers with Dr Worrall-Carter around Heart Disease for Women and has an interest in how this can be translated into strong awareness programs that have an impact on women’s heart health.

He has also worked with different communities including Aboriginal & Indigenous groups, and other multicultural and disadvantaged populations. Many of the teams he has worked with are across different disciplines, as well as Government and non-Government organizations, academics, and community leaders. Dr. Rahman has completed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), Master of Public Health (MPH), PhD in Public Health, advanced training on public health from Australia, Europe and USA.