Unplug from technology

Unplug yourself from the internet: Electronics induced stress

Unplug and get oudoorsThere are many benefits of us being connected. However the hyper-connected age that we live in can be stressful. Millennials have grown up attached to technology. They are wired 24/7, sleep and wake up next to their smart phones, constantly checking their social media and text, watch their favourite shows for hours instead of spending time with people. Managing this reliance on technology yourself (or as a parent or spouse) can be challenging. Turning off your phone can cause some anxiety for some people, as they are concerned about what they might miss.

Here are some tips:

Create WiFi free areas in the house such as the lounge, dining room or when eating breakfast.

Start the day prioritising tasks instead of answering emails.

Take time to talk to others without electronic disruption.

Resist checking emails on weekends. Problematic emails can cause a mood change.

Disconnect from all electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed due to the LED light that can keep you awake and disturb your sleep.

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