Recharge your body & mind

Recharge: ensure you have enough sleep, meditate and have a nap.

RechargeIt is important to think about how you start and end your day, and how you recharge your “internal” batteries throughout the day. Unfortunately, we often start the day with (firing up) with some form of caffeine and (wind down) at the end of the day with alcohol. In between that when our energy becomes low we turn to treats such as chocolate or more caffeine. It is better to regulate our energy levels throughout the day. Some things you could do are:

Have a nap: Research has also shown that afternoon napping (siesta) reduces the risk of heart disease by 34%.

Meditate: Meditation can be incredibly powerful, and those who meditate regularly have shown to have an increased memory and do not become as fatigued.

Breathe: Try a deep breathing exercise before you go to sleep or the next time you become stressed.

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