Stay connected

Connect with family & friends and care for yourself: Prioritise YOU!

ConnectIt is important to socialise with family and friends but you need to keep some time to take care of yourself. Being socially connected is important for our mental health, wellbeing and heart health.

Cultivate relationships that allow you to be yourself and affect you in a positive way.

Minimise time spent with those brings you down and create stress. Sometimes this is difficult if they are work colleagues, however, you can minimise your interactions with them.

Connect with the outdoors

We spend a lot of our working days sitting and indoors. Making time to get outside and have 15 minutes of direct sunlight can have a number of benefits including the creation of Vitamin D (as many of us are actually deficient!). We also know that sunlight can affect our mood and stimulates our wellbeing.

Take the opportunity to walk, at work - have a walk & talk meeting.

Walk at home or use it for recreation whilst connecting with family.

Reconnect with nature and become mindful of your surroundings can help with your overall wellbeing.

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