Angela Wheelton, OAM

Board Member: Angela Wheelton has an extensive background as a senior business leader. She is also a passionate supporter of health, having worked in an executive role within the corporate sector, specifically the Dental Industry for many years. She also strongly believes that education and learning is the lifelong process of acquiring vital skills and tools to build a sustainable, successful and prosperous life.

Moving forward from corporate life in mid-2016 has enabled Angela to take on a greater involvement in Wheelton Philanthropy with a desire to educate the broader community and families about the possibilities and opportunities in all areas of the philanthropic sector. Wheelton Philanthropy analyses key trends from around the globe and seeks to spread the message of positive and engaged philanthropy. The Wheelton Group also focuses on using the wealth generated from its operations in supporting various charitable projects within Australia and internationally.

Angela is also passionate about supporting women and girls which has included the establishment and ongoing support of several orphanages and remote village projects that align and focus on education for over 2,000 children in Bali. Angela completed her MBA later in her career, a testament to her passion on the value of education. She is also currently Deputy Chair of Life Education Victoria, a Director of Bali Children Foundation Ltd and more recently a Director of the eviDent Foundation. She brings a wealth of expertise in business administration, a passion for health and wellbeing and believes that as women are the central part of a family, it is critical that they prioritise their own health to care for others.

In June 2018, Angela was acknowledged for her service to the community, her membership to Boards and philanthropy and became Dame Angela Wheelton DSJ through being invested in The Order of St John of Jerusalem. She also received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).