Salad Cake: Japan’s Latest Health Craze

Salad Cake: Japan’s Latest Health Craze

Guilt-free cakes made entirely of salad? Yes, it’s a thing.

We’ve unearthed the latest health food craze out of Japan and it means you can (finally!) have your cake and eat it, guilt-free too. Introducing ‘vegedeco salads’ (vegetable decoration salads), aka salads disguised as cakes.

The ‘cakes’, made from soybean sponge, cleverly hide layers of superfood salad ingredients, whole vegetables and roots and peels, while the thick frosting, a mixture of cream cheese and tofu, is blended with veggies to add a bright pop of colour.


If you’re having flashbacks to 80’s-tastic American muffuletta, Aussie spinach cob dip or Swedish smorgastarta (sandwich cake), you’re on the right track.

Created by Japanese food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu, the low carbohydrate, gluten-free ‘cakes’ have been such a huge success since their initial trial run at Nagaoya restaurant Bistro La Marsaille, that on April 5 The Vegedeco Cake Café, a new cafe dedicated entirely to salad cakes, will open.


Slices of cake start at 735yen ($8.50 AUD) and come with a special fermented dressing made with koji (Japanese sake starter), which is said to have health and beauty benefits. Still want more? They’re also serving up vegetable drop tea and gluten-free rice bread.


A cake that nails your daily veg requirements, sign us up.

Originally posted on Delicious by Lucie Clark