Know Your Risk

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for all women, worldwide.

In Australia, 1 woman dies of heart disease every hour. In the UK, that increase to 1 women every 10 minutes, and in the US, 1 woman every 80 seconds.


Her Heart has pledged to decrease the number of heart disease related deaths by 50% by 2025. Seeing as though heart disease prevention is at 80%, this target should be achievable!


Read more about the risk factors that are out of your control, and more importantly, the factors that can be changed, by clicking on each picture.

Risk Factors You Can’t Change

Some of the factors related to heart disease, are not under your control.

Risk Factors You Can Change

The majority of risk factors are under your control. You can take the initiative to modify these (see lifestyle changes) but first find out what they are.