Survivor of deadly heart disease SCAD leads nationwide support campaign

13 May 2017
Pamela McKenzie was in her early 40s and fit and healthy when she suffered a severe heart attack, leaving doctors puzzled.

Grandmother triggers Australian-first study into deadly SCAD heart disorder

1 June 2016
A West Australian grandmother is giving hope to patients with a rare and deadly heart disorder, after recruiting survivors on social media who are now part of an Australian-first study.

Cardiology Nurse, Heart Attack Survivor Has Message for Women: ‘Listen to Your Body’

13 September 2017
After surviving a heart attack of her own, cardiology nurse Kristin O'Meara has a clear and important message for women: "Listen to your body."

Recognising broken heart syndrome

12 February 2018
Broken heart syndrome is a form of acute heart failure caused by intense emotional stress, mostly affecting post-menopausal women.

‘Broken heart syndrome’ not temporary

19 June 2017
Researchers have found that the effects of "broken heart syndrome" may be more serious than previously thought.
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