Recognising broken heart syndrome

12 February 2018
Broken heart syndrome is a form of acute heart failure caused by intense emotional stress, mostly affecting post-menopausal women.

‘Broken heart syndrome’ not temporary

19 June 2017
Researchers have found that the effects of "broken heart syndrome" may be more serious than previously thought.

Yes, you can die of a broken heart. Here’s how

8 March 2018
When Carrie Fisher died in late 2016 the film world went into collective mourning. The grief was compounded the next day when her mother, Debbie Reynolds, also died suddenly.

Broken heart syndrome was thought to be a short-term condition – the latest evidence suggests otherwise

6 November 2018
A stressful event, such as the death of a loved one, really can break your heart. In medicine, the condition is known as broken heart syndrome or takotsubo syndrome.

My “Pregnancy Symptoms” Turned Out to Be Heart Valve Disease

Stacey-Ann Walker was pregnant with her first child when she learned that her heart was failing and her baby wasn't thriving. An emergency c-section saved both of their lives.
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