How your gut health impacts on your heart

Studies show your body's gut microbiota is linked to heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes.

12,000 steps a day cuts your risk of CVD by 90%

Forget the goal of 10,000 steps, if you walk just 1.6 km a day you drastically reduce you risk of dying from heart disease.

The link between sleep and heart health

A lack of shut eye has bigger health implications than just tiredness.

How stress contributes to heart disease

Stress can constrict the arteries and potentially trigger a heart attack.

A relaxing bath helps lower risk of stroke and heart disease

The stress relieving effects of a hot bath have been shown to lower hypertension, according to science.

Blood pressure starts rising earlier in women

While women tend to develop heart disease later than men, their risk factors can start spiking in their 20s. And they have no idea.
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