Expert Q&As – Valvular Diseases

Dr Eliza Teo is a clinical cardiologist with a special interest in valvular heart disease, general cardiology and echocardiography (cardiac ultrasound)

Beth’s Story – Congenital Heart Disease

1:52 min
Beth was unknowingly living with a genetic valve condition that could have been fatal. Now, after open heart surgery, she is sharing her story in hopes that women will put their health first.

My “Pregnancy Symptoms” Turned Out to Be Heart Valve Disease

Stacey-Ann Walker was pregnant with her first child when she learned that her heart was failing and her baby wasn't thriving. An emergency c-section saved both of their lives.

Star Jones: I Was the Epitome of Heart Disease and Didn’t Know It

19 February 2019
The TV personality and heart disease survivor hopes sharing her journey will empower other women to take control of their heart health.