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Health Professional Radio

Organization Dedicated to Raising Awareness and Advocacy on Women and Heart Disease

Wayne Buckler speaks with CEO and founder Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter about heart disease in women and talks about the 5 distinct reasons why heart disease is so prevalent for women.


The story of Her Heart and the dangers of Heart Disease

Our CEO and founder Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter talks with Panorama about how Her Heart came about and about the dangers of heart disease for women.

The seven domains of women’s health

Heart Disease kills more women than men

Dr. Kirtly Parker-Jones talks about the reasons why heart disease is so prevalent among women and how to best prevent it. She talks about the fact that Heart disease kills more women than any other disease and this is because it has always been considered to be “a man’s disease”.

Ockham’s Razor – ABC Radio National

Heart Disease & Women

Globally, heart disease is the biggest health threat in the world – Dr Forster talks about the staggering statistics on heart disease in women and why we should all be worried.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Women and Cardiovascular Disease

Sometimes heart disease can be confusing -Cardiologist Dr. Paula Johnson answers some of the frequently asked questions about cardiovascular disease.

TED Talks Health

How to make stress your friend

In this TED talk on Stress, Psychologist Kelly McGonigal shows us how to view stress differently, so that we can see it in a positive light, and she introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.

The seven domains of women’s health

The Mediterranean Diet is the Best Diet for a Healthy Heart

Medical director of Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Dr. Lillian Khor talks about why the Mediterranean diet is best for your heart and how you can follow it.

Women seeking wellness

Sitting is the new smoking

As a society we are more sedentary then we have ever been before and there are some serious health implications for this. Dr. Krista Burns talks about “sitting being the new smoking”, but standing is not the answer – she provides some tips and tools to overcome our sitting habit.

JJ Virgin Lifestyle show

Transforming Through Meditation

Emily Fletcher, a Broadway star with infectious energy and personality who also happens to be an expert on meditation, joins JJ Virgin. They talk about the science behind how powerful meditation can be for your mind and body and give some real life examples.

JJ Virgin Lifestyle show

The single most important thing you can for… Well everything

JJ Virgin talks about all things related to sleep – the aftermath of a terrible nights sleep, how we exacerbate the vicious cycle of poor sleep until it’s ‘normal’, how to get a good night sleep and the enormous benefits of doing just this.

The charged life

How to unplug (without losing touch)

High performance coach and #1 New York Times bestselling author Brendon Burchard discusses the need we sometimes have to constantly “check in” to our social media and ways to unplug.