Her Heart Video Shoot Day

07 Aug, 2018 Her Heart Video Shoot Day

Recently, the Her Heart team were lucky enough to be joined by heart disease survivors and cardiovascular professionals to create a Video Series dedicated to heart disease in women.
“I can sum up my story through an analogy, of the Everready bunny who was dropped in water.”

– Veronica, SCAD Survivor 

“If you know something doesn’t feel right, you need to advocate for yourself.

– Paula, SCAD Survivor

Our sincere thanks goes to our ‘talent’ on the day, of Veronica, Helena, Paula and Michelle, all with such compelling stories that we cannot wait to share with the Her Heart community in the coming months.

Thanks also extends to Dr. Deepak Haikerwal and our CEO Dr. Linda Worrall-Carter for their time and insight into the perceptions around female heart disease. 

We also thank the entire team at Cirqit Health, led by Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, for the use of their space to film on the day.

Our videography team are fast at work in editing these stories to share with the entire Her Heart family, so watch this space to learn about the personal stories of female heart disease, and how our perceptions of what it means to have a ‘broken heart’ can be often very misguided.