Art beat therapy classes for women post recovery of a cardiac event or management of a chronic cardiac condition

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Support for women who have experienced heart disease with their carer, to attend art beat therapy sessions as part of their ongoing recovery and management. This provides:

  • A type of therapy not offered in cardiac rehabilitation
  • Skills and empowerment for women to manage their heart health
  • An alternative option for women who prefer not to discuss their journey in a group forum, or struggling to verbalise how they are feeling.

Art beats therapy is a creative way for people to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions to improve their mental, physical and emotional health. Art beat therapists interact with clients to help them express themselves in a safe, therapeutic environment, where counselling techniques are applied.

Cardiac Rehabilitation programs are fantastic to building confidence in pillars of heart health such as lifestyle changes; understand of heart condition, medications however their psychological component may not be comprehensive enough to ensure that women or their loved ones are able to deal with ongoing grief, trauma and management of heart disease.

Women will be provided with information and resources to help them and their careers with ongoing support.


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